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pineapple radio is the podcast outlet of pineapple collaborative, a community for women who love food. The show features women in conversation with each other discussing the ideas, brands and movements in the great big world of food - from policymakers to celebrity chefs, from the culture of agriculture to entrepreneurship, and from food media to food banks.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    all the likes

    In the studio with Holly Liss- a veritable social media magnate who built Goop and the Infatuation's social followings. She’s now growing her own company Enlisst where she leads social storytelling for her clients, such as Misi, sweetgreen, and other amazing brands we #pinefor in food, fashion and beyond. Tune in for her thoughts on the age of influence, how food and style intersect, and the next great social frontier.

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    a hospitality multi-hyphenate

    In the studio with Camilla Marcus, founder of west~bourne, NYC’s all-day cafe we #pinefor and investor extraordinaire, chatting about launching social enterprises that last and funding other women-owned businesses, such as The Wing, Ramona and Great Jones

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    rise & shine

    Here at pineapple we literally go to bed dreaming about breakfast. One of the highlights of our pineapple LA launch was waking up to LA's breakfast scene. In LA, breakfast is more than the most important meal of the day - it’s an opportunity to give gratitude for what we appreciate most about what's on our plates: the soil growing the delicious ingredients, the people harvesting the food, and the nourishment, flavor, and California bounty we all #pinefor. This episode in collab with Full Service Radio is a breakfast of champions--Caitlin Sullivan of Honey Hi, Ally Walsh of Canyon Coffee, and Nicole Rucker of Fiona--and broadcasted live in front of a 30+ person audience from The Line Hotel in Koreatown.

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    farming in harmony

    How sustainable is sustainable agriculture when it comes to economic and community needs in addition to environmental considerations? We discuss the founding of DC-based Three Part Harmony Farm, one of the only for-profit production farms in the district, and its mission to grow food for people, while challenging our assumptions on how urban farms should look and the role they play in our cities.

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    will travel for food

    Staying curious about food is our MO at pineapple. Sometimes this means traveling to taste delicious food and drink. So, we invited explorer extraordinaire, Lane Harlan, who is also the genius behind Baltimore establishments WC Harlan, Clavel and Faddensonnen, to share how she plans trips--from Copenhagen's natural wine bars to Japan's sake spots to Oaxaca's markets & palenques--and honors the diverse cultures and traditions of what we love and consume here in the US and abroad.

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    wine, naturally

    We care about where our food comes from, so what about our wine? Better yet, how does the way it was made affect the way it tastes, our preferences, and its impact on the food system? Picking out a bottle of wine can sometimes leave you with more questions than answers. What is the difference between organic, biodynamic, and natural wine? How can we learn more about the farming practices--VITICULTURE--by tasting? By the time we pull a bottle off the shelf, we might be more focused on getting out of the store rather than the story behind the grape. How do we answer the questions of what happens from grapevine to fine wine?

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    feminism and teaism

    What does it mean to build a feminist business? This week’s show is all about starting and growing a sustainable, progressive business with Michelle Brown and Lela Singh - the mother-daughter duo behind the 23-year-old, DC-based tea house and pineapple's fave cafe, Teaism. In collaboration with Squarespace, we chat through the "Feminist Business" philosophy & principles from Jenn Armbrust of Sister, so that we may all work toward embodying new values, create new economies and experiment with new distributions of power in 2019 and beyond.

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    hot off the press

    Talkin' style, identity, and values when it comes to food & media (plus the importance of setting the table, the value of curiosity, and inspiration) with the singular Julia Kramer. She's the deputy editor of Bon Appetit, and also a self-proclaimed bagel lover, Chicago hot-dog style enthusiast and the ultimate food trendsetter.

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    soil is alive

    Soil is the bedrock of our food system. This week's show is all about the social and environmental impact of healthy soil, featuring Aria McLauchlan, co-founder of Land Core USA, an organization advocating for soil health policies and programs that create value for farmers, businesses and communities.

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    rethinking Thanksgiving

    pineapple is all about community, so with that in mind we wanted to talk about the communities affected by the culture, history of Thanksgiving.

    The genocide of American Indians is well known to a certain extent: warfare, smallpox, and boarding schools have all contributed to the systematic erasure of Native people and culture. Today we’re discussing the history of orchestrated attacks on their traditional food systems with writer Maura Judkis and founder of Indigikitchen, Mariah Gladstone.

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