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pineapple radio is the podcast outlet of pineapple collaborative, a community for women who love food. The show features women in conversation with each other discussing the ideas, brands and movements in the great big world of food - from policymakers to celebrity chefs, from the culture of agriculture to entrepreneurship, and from food media to food banks.

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    positively body positive

    We're chatting body positivity- the movement for acceptance, and respect of all bodies, esp marginalized ones with body posi activists Ivy Felicia and Patrilie Hernandez. We'll learn all about what it means to dismantle harmful ideas about the size of our bodies and discuss the idea that that as women, our worth should not and must not be measured by the number on the scale.

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    Aperitif hour

    Aperitif is all about the ritual of communal gathering, celebration, and being present with loved ones before a meal. We’re chattin with Rebekah Peppler - author of newly released Aperitif- a book dedicated to that very idea. Come for the discussion about the terroir, history, tradition of spirits, and stay for Rebekah’s go-to cocktail, the Lillet tonic.

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    everyday dorie

    Dorie Greenspan was a “foodie” before the term was coined. A New Yorker with an affinity for all things French, Dorie has a pulse on everyone and everything in the food world. Through her James Beard award-winning cookbooks and popular columns in The New York Times and Washington Post, Dorie proves that you can be an exceptional cook and baker (and that there isn’t much she can’t do). But what makes a “Dorie” recipe? In “the golden age of cookbooks” what makes hers such hits? On the show we chat with Dorie- our ultimate culinary inspiration all about her storied career, kitchen inspo, and favorite cooking techniques so we too can embrace a bit of Dorie’s spunk and spontaneity in our everyday.

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    wine food

    Wine and food is our raison d'etre. So we're chatting with wine lovers Dana Frank and Andrea Sloenecker on the air to celebrate their new book Wine Food - all about the pineapple way to enjoy wine. And we mean, truly ENJOY it. Move aside wine, cheese and nuts! What we love about this book is that it’s all about matching that glou-glou to the rustic, casual, global food we all love to eat. In Wine Food, they deliver recipes for the pineapple woman to enjoy brunches, salads, burgers, vegetable dishes, picnics, weeknight dinners, and feasts with friends, all inspired by delicious, natural, ethical and affordable wines that go with them beautifully.

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    against the grain

    Chattin' about the power of heritage, alternative, landrace grains with Sarah Owens - a New York City based cookbook author, baker, gardener, and instructor. She’s a James Beard award winner for her first book Sourdough and recently released her second book Toast & Jam.

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    helen's wine world

    Our adventures in the world of women and wine continue with Helen Johannesen of Helen's Wines--her eponymous shop in LA. She's also the wine director of Jon & Vinny's restaurant group, e.g. Kismet, Animal, Petit Trois, etc. She's got taste, style and values when it comes to the wines she enjoys and she's here to share that passion and intel with pineapple.

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    film to farm

    What do masterful storytelling, world-renowned female chefs and progressive agriculture all have in common? Our friend Abby Fuller, an award-winning documentarian and the youngest and only woman director of our fave Netflix show Chef’s Table. From Chef Ana Roš’s kitchen in Slovenia to a regenerative cattle farm in Virginia, Abby highlights critical issues in our food system by filming the most highly acclaimed chefs, farmers and activists who are changing the way we eat. We chat with Abby to hear all about how women are transforming filmmaking, farming and food and what we can all do to create a better food system and world with the power of our voice.

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    beauty is wellness

    Beauty as wellness is all about body positivity, womanhood & food. We chat with Cindy DiPrima Moirsse & Kerrilyn Pamer, founders of CAP Beauty all about their content, products, and community, plus we'll dig into the juicy things like - what does beauty truly mean anyhow? How do we truly embrace wellness in ourselves and others while fighting impossible beauty standards, a fatphobic society, and body image challenges? How can we embrace a more inclusive wellness culture - with diverse races, bodies, genders, ages?

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    salad for president

    We're chatting with Julia Sherman of Salad for President all about where food and art intersect. Through Julia’s history growing up with artists, studying and practicing art, and ultimately finding her artistic expression through salad, we experience food in wholly new way.

    From living with Benedictine nuns clad in denim habits, to constructing gardens on the rooftops of venerable art museums, Julia reminds us that we are all creative. We don’t need to study art history or master the art of French cooking to express ourselves. We #pinefor her because she encourages us to find the artists within ourselves by stealing ideas, breaking the rules, finding the magic in the everyday, and simply creating.

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    the girl behind sqirl

    Today on our show we’re chatting with one of our heros, Jessica Koslow. She’s the girl behind Sqirl - aka the restaurant at the forefront of the California cooking renaissance--food that is both virtuous, delicious and oh so seasonal. Bacon lovers and vegans obsess over it equally and there’s always something new to dig into. We love Sqirl, we love her cookbook “Everything I want to Eat”, we love her jams, and her swag. And we’re honored to chat on the air to chat about her style, identity and values through food.

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